Furst Crush

Furst Crush 2015 Westfälisches 16.3hh gelding. Showing potential to be a spectacular hunter.


Kanndarco 2013 Oldenburg OS gelding 16.3hh Imported 2020 to become a hunter. Ability and mind highly suited as a 4’ Performance/Derby horse with a spectacular character and ridablility for a A/O/Jr hunter and Equitation.


2015 stunning black Oldenburg Gelding 17hh Skipped the babies and went straight to the pre greens with exceptional show record and now ready for 3’3” pre greensand show with an amateur on the week ends.

Brave Smart Balanced. He will only get better as a 3’6” hunter.


Shomi- 9 year old Westphalian gelding 16.1hh Very successful pre green/AA hunter with some miles in the equitation and derbies. hack winner and scope to be fabulous 3’6” hunter.


Imported 2011 Oldenburg OS, 16.3hh. Spectacular gelding. This horse will make a very special Hunter Derby/Open Hunter in a short time. Now ready for the first year greens and derbies.

Cool Cascord

2010 16.3hh Holstein gelding – Spectacular First Year Green Hunter (this one will be famous) Words can’t explain how fabulous this horse is. He’s incredibly brave, smart, personality plus with a quiet cool character.


Manchester (Chester) – 7 year old imported Westphalian gelding 17hh (very leggy and narrow) Showing second year pre green, ready for first year green. Very suitable for an adult amateur or junior. Will be a fabulous Equitation prospect